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Nutrition and Weight Management Center


​Baylor Scott & White’s Nutrition and Weight Management Center is available at MedProvider. As a comprehensive medical and surgical weight management center, we assist patients with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight through nutrition, physical activity, and long-term lifestyle behavioral improvements. Physician Led:

  • You will meet one-on-one with an American Board of Obesity Medicine certified physician to do a comprehensive review of you
  • Together you will develop a plan to overcome the challenges you face with your weight
  • Plans may include labs, sleep testing, medication changes, and referral(s) to Nutrition or Psychology, as needed
  • Referral for the 12-week Group Lifestyle Balance class (see website) may also be placed, as appropriate. As a benefit to eligible Baylor Scott & White employees, the 12-week Group Lifestyle Balance class is offered at a substantial discounted cost.

Medical weight loss supplements and medications are available, and these may be included in weight loss/weight maintenance plans. Our center is partnered with a bariatric surgeon, and we are supported by Registered Dietitian Nutritionists, personal trainers, certified life coaches, and behavioral psychologists.

For more information about our program, costs, location, and details, visit our webpage at

Contact Us:
Office: 469.800.9097

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