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Medicina deportiva

Sports medicine experts utilize the latest diagnostic equipment and technologies to help get you back in top form.


Whether you’re an athlete or just living a full life, quick movement, body mechanics, overuse, poor posture or taking a misstep can do an "end-run" on your joints, tendons and ligaments—and sometimes your brain—by sustaining a concussion.

Comprehensive orthopedic care is our game plan for athletes, the active and those with sports-like injuries.

  • Improve your movement and increase your athleticism at the Sports Performance Center at the Baylor Scott & White Sports & Therapy Research at the Star in Frisco or at the Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Center in Waco.
  • The new Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center in Waco offers one specialized location solution to many sports-related healthcare needs.
  • Si tiene dolor o ha agravado una lesión previa, hable con su médico y busque un lugar de rehabilitación conveniente para ti.
  • Conozca más sobre nuestro programa de tratamiento de conmoción cerebral deportiva .
  • Los cirujanos ortopédicos de medicina deportiva del personal médico están capacitados para tratar y reparar todo tipo de lesiones resultantes de participar en deportes o incluso lesiones que resultan de la vida cotidiana.
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Nomine a un estudiante de Texas High School para una beca de salud $ 1,000


¿Conoces a un estudiante de secundaria de Texas de secundaria o superior que tenga interés en una carrera de atención médica y ayude a tu escuela o comunidad a Se mejor ?

Su nominado modelaría los valores de Baylor Scott & White Health:

  • Servir fielmente
  • Actúa honestamente
  • Nunca conformarse
  • Tener una actitud de "estamos juntos en esto"

Texto Se mejor a 31996 para recibir un enlace de nominación hoy! Hasta cuatro ganadores recibirán una beca de $ 1,000 que se pagará a la escuela de su elección.

Las nominaciones terminan junio 30, 2021.

2019-2020 Beneficiarios de la beca UIL Healthcare


Perfil de estudiante

Tyler Trammell

Troy High School

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Tyler has been an exceptional student and is salutatorian of her Troy Texas High School. Tyler has attended the Baylor Scott & White Children's Hospital Science Camp as well as continued on last summer volunteering at the Children's hospital.   She has always had a passion for children and they seem to feel the way about her.  Tyler is going to pursue a pre-med with emphasis on Child psychology at The University of Arkansas in the fall. She wants to become a Child Psychologist and be able to help all ages of children. This graduation class is amazing and while dealing with COVID-19 fallout, Tyler has shown great leadership. This young lady definitely is deserving of the Baylor Scott & White Health scholarship.

Kevin Arellano

Killeen Shoemaker High School

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Kevin is a very talented student, his drive for his personal swimming skill and talent is a very unique and inspiring one. On top of that his passion for wanting to be a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon makes him one of the most outstanding and standout students ever, truly no one is like Kevin. He shows great interest towards the medical community and shows great dedication in achieving his goals. His numerous interests in groups like the Robotic Team, Red Cross and Youth advisory, make him one of the most involved people I know. Kevin is an impeccable student, he is in three national honor societies, has a 3.9 GPA and is a part of the varsity swim team, as well as a club swim team. Kevin is also a leader, he has completed 150 volunteer hours for the Science National Honor Society, 16.5 hours for the Spanish National Honor Society, has completed over 300 volunteer hours at Carl R. Darnell Army Medical Center, and 52 hours at Casey Memorial Library.

Lanee Willis

Guyer High School

Ver video

During her high school career, Lanee has volunteered at food banks and helped with a blood drive. She is a member of NHS and works part time while maintaining a high GPA. She is also a member of the softball team. Lanee continues to drive herself toward her goal of becoming a pharmacist and will graduate with her certificate. She possesses a caring heart and put others in front of herself.

Faith Blackwood

Frisco Lone Star High School

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Faith embodies the Baylor Scott & White values by serving her school, church and community. She acts honestly and with integrity when no one is looking. Her peers and teachers trust her. Faith gives every take 100% effort and doesn't settle for less; she challenges others to be the best they can be.  And finally, she has the best attitude of being a team and showing we're in this together, whether it is a simple school group project or needs during COVID-19. Faith has been an honor roll student since junior high school. She works hard in her pre-nursing classes and was nominated captain of the cheerleading squad. She has also been an Athletic Trainer where she was able to learn valuable lessons related to medicine and sports. Her passion is nursing and will be attending Prairie View University for Nursing in the fall.


Las condiciones ortopédicas que tratamos incluyen:

  • Dolor de mano / muñeca
    • Rupturas del tendón del bíceps
    • Esguinces o desgarros del ligamento colateral cubital (cirugía de Tommy John)
    • Epicondilitis lateral (codo de tenista)
    • Epicondilitis medial (codo de golfista)
  • Dolor de cadera
    • Artroscopia de cadera para diagnosticar o tratar la fuente del dolor
    • Dislocaciones de cadera
  • Dolor de Hombro y Codo
    • Acromioclavicular (AC) articulación / separación del hombro
    • Hombro dislocado
    • Lágrimas de SLAP (labrum dañado)
    • Lágrimas de SLAP (labrum dañado)
  • Dolor en el tobillo y los pies
    • Inestabilidad del tobillo
    • Tendinitis o ruptura de Aquiles
    • Fracturas por estrés
  • Dolor de rodilla
    • Reparación del ligamento cruzado anterior (ACL)
    • Reparación del cartílago del menisco
    • Artroscopia de rodilla para diagnosticar o limpiar problemas
    • Revestimiento del cartílago para rellenar el cartílago y prolongar la vida útil de la rodilla.
    • Trasplantes de cartílago de rodilla

Baylor Scott & White Health’s new game-changing facility in Waco is now open

The Ted and Sue Getterman Sports and Orthopedic Center on the campus of Baylor Scott & White – Hillcrest is a 106,000-square-foot, four-story, freestanding facility that is now open.

Las características destacadas de la instalación incluyen:

  • Diagnóstico por imágenes que ofrece radiología diagnóstica avanzada
  • Centro de cirugía para procedimientos ortopédicos, ubicado convenientemente en el mismo complejo que las prácticas médicas y los servicios de rehabilitación.
  • Rehabilitación física con áreas de fisioterapia interior y exterior.
  • Fusionetics Performance Health System
  • Salud deportiva de rendimiento enfocada en seguridad e investigación

    Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy & Research incluye una colaboración única de prevención de lesiones, rendimiento, recuperación, educación e investigación, todo ubicado dentro de una instalación avanzada de 300,000 pies cuadrados y nueve pisos.

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