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Pagar mi factura de hospital

​​​​​​​Convenient Online Access. Flexible Payment Options.

Baylor Scott & White Medical Center– Lake Pointe provides an easy way to view your hospital bills online along with convenient bill payment options.

View Your Bills Online

Through our secure online portal, you can access your hospital bill and view details of your charges in an easy to understand format. You'll be able to see:

  • The amount due
  • The services associated with your charges
  • Payments made by any health insurance plans you may have
  • A history of your previous payments

Pay Your Bill Online

Flexible Payment Options

Online Bill Payment

With our online bill payment service, you can pay your hospital bill in full or make partial payments with a credit card, checking account or savings account.

Payment Plan Agreements

Baylor Scott & White – Lake Pointe offers a Payment Plan Agreement which provides the ability to spread out payments over time.

Among the features of our Payment Plan Agreement are:

  • Zero-interest and an APR of 0% for the life of the Plan
  • No application fees, membership fees or annual fees
  • Monthly payments can be automatically billed to your credit card or withdrawn from your bank account, if you choose this option
  • Payments due on a day of the month you select*
  • No fee for early payoff

*A cash down payment may be required

Full details of the plan are provided in the Payment Plan Agreement.

Get Started Now

To set up a Payment Plan Agreement or to make a payment by phone, please call 888.233.7868.


Our dedicated staff is available to help you understand your bill and payment options. If you have any questions, contact us at 888.233.7868 and we'll help walk you through it.

Please note that you may receive separate bills from physicians, laboratories or other service providers. Those bills cannot be paid via Baylor Scott & White – Lake Pointe online bill payment service.

For information about financial assistance, please call us at 888.233.7868 or visit Financial Assistance Options.

*Payment Plan Agreements can be established with a monthly payment due date falling any time between the 1st and 28th of the month. As an example, if your estimated balance is $1,200 and you elect to sign a 12-month Payment Plan Agreement, you will make 12 monthly payments of $100 each under the Agreement. A cash down payment of up to 50% of your estimated balance may be required at the time you sign a Payment Plan Agreement. Payment Plan Agreements cannot be established for Emergency Services. Physician, laboratory and other services not provided by Baylor Scott & White – Lake Pointe will be billed separately and cannot be paid via Baylor Scott & White – Lake Pointe.

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