5 summer smoothie recipes you can make in 5 minutes


by Angela Finn, MS, RD


It’s officially summer, and we all know what that means! While reaching for a glass of iced “pop” or sweet tea might seem like the quickest fix to quench your thirst, smoothies offer a delightful way to pack in some nutrients in a cool way.

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, sweating it out on a hike or simply seeking relief from the sun, consider smoothies to quench your thirst—while also replenishing your body with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

What could go in a smoothie, you ask? Our team of Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance dietitians, including myself along with Rebecca Rigby, RDN, and Angela Peralta, RD, recommend focusing on four key elements:

  • Produce
  • Fibra
  • Proteína
  • Hidratación

Read on to discover the secrets to making a perfect smoothie and find some of our favorite go-to recipes. It’s as easy as throwing everything in a blender and dancing it out for two minutes.

Packing it in with produce

From juicy watermelons to vibrant berries and succulent peaches, the options for summer produce are abundant. You may even find yourself sneaking in some local greens, such as kale or spinach, and avocado for added antioxidants and fiber.

We’re fans of frozen options for fruits and vegetables, and most stores make it easy by pairing together flavors that could work well for a smoothie.

The power of protein

While fruits and vegetables provide hydration, vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, you can’t go wrong with protein for satiety, muscle support and muscle recovery. Plus, you get an added benefit of increased nutrient absorption if it’s also a fat source (such as yogurt or nut butter).

There are also plenty of plant-based sources of protein that are perfect for summer sipping if you don’t want to go with plain or Greek yogurt. You can try a scoop of creamy almond or peanut butter, silky tofu, or even a handful of some sort of seed (pumpkin, flax, hemp, chia). Seeds, in fact, provide a boost of omega-3 richness and fiber. Your heart, your blood sugar and your digestive system will certainly thank you!

Hydration heroes

It’s all about keeping hydrated in the summer heat. But we often hear about how boring plain water can get—that’s where smoothies come to the rescue! Smoothies offer a delicious way to up your fluid intake while also replenishing electrolytes lost through sweat.

You can try adding a cup or two of water to your mix or get fancy by incorporating hydrating ingredients like coconut water, cucumber or aloe.

Mindful mix-ins and toppings

Depending on your goals and preferences, it can be helpful to get creative about what you throw into your blender.

For example, collagen or protein powder can be what you’re looking for to support muscle gain, as well as healthy skin and joints. Experimenting with spices like cinnamon and turmeric can add flavor and provide anti-inflammatory benefits. And finally, garnishes like mint, granola or seeds can add some fun texture.

Keep in mind, like any supplement, it’s best to consult your primary care team or dietitian to make sure you’re supplementing appropriately for your nutritional needs and goals.

5 simple, refreshing smoothie recipes

If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve put together some of our favorite refreshing smoothie recipes. See below for simple instructions and ingredient lists to get you started!


Gather ingredients for smoothie of your choosing. In a high-powered blender, combine all ingredients and blend on medium power until smooth, about 1 minute. Turn blender up to the highest power and blend for another minute more.

  1. Berry Blast

Produce: 1 cup frozen mixed berries

Fiber: 1 Tbsp almond, sunflower or peanut butter

Protein: ½ cup plain or Greek yogurt of your choosing (fat-free, whole fat, dairy, plant-based, etc.)

Hydration: ½ cup almond or your preferred milk

Hydration: ½ cup water (depending on desired consistency)

Mix-In: 2 Tbsp chia seeds

Mix-In: 1 Tbsp honey or maple syrup (if desired)

  1. Watermelon Mint

Produce: 1 cup cubed watermelon

Fiber: ¼ cup strawberries

Protein: ½ cup plain or Greek yogurt of your choosing (fat-free, whole fat, dairy, plant-based, etc.)

Hydration: 1 lime (squeezed and juiced)

Hydration: ½ cup coconut water

Mix-In: ¼ cup fresh mint leaves

Mix-In: ¼ tsp honey (if desired)

  1. Frozen Blendables

Produce: 1 cup frozen fruit and/or vegetables of your choosing

Fiber: 1-2 Tbsp chia seeds or ground flaxseeds

Protein: ¾ -1 cup of plain or Greek yogurt of your choosing (fat-free, whole fat, dairy, plant-based, etc.)

Hydration: 1-2 cups of water (depending on desired consistency)

Mix-In: ¼ tsp honey (if desired)

  1. Cocoa “Milkshake”

Produce: ½ ripe banana

Fiber: 1 cup frozen cauliflower florets

Protein: 1 cup cubed firm tofu made with calcium

Hydration: 1 cup almond milk or your preferred milk

Mix-In: ½ cup of your favorite fruit juice, such as pomegranate or cherry juice (no added sugar)

Mix-In: 1 Tbsp cacao or cocoa powder (no added sugar)

Mix-In: 1 Tbsp unsalted pistachios

  1. Juicy Smoothie Bowl

Produce: 1 cup frozen fruit (such as mixed berries) + ½ banana

Fiber: 2 Tbsp chia seeds (added for garnish)

Protein: 1 serving protein powder of choice

Hydration: ½ lime and ½ lemon (squeezed and juiced)

Mix-In: 2 Tbsp ground flaxseed

Toppings: sprinkle of dark chocolate chips and sprinkle of granola (added for garnish)

Sipping into summer

When thinking about what to put into a smoothie, consider what you already have and what sources of food can support a glass of produce, fiber, protein, hydration and flavor. What colors come to mind? And textures? Don’t be afraid to get creative!

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Angela Finn, MS, RD, is a clinical program manager at Baylor Scott & White Quality Alliance.

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